about us
We are a consortium of interested computer users who decided to get together and build a small, low cost microwave network connecting Perth suburbs together.

innaloo.net was established with it's first wireless link circa 1997

We are currently extending our borders to cover all of Perth, and we're working with a number of other groups to develop a peering infrastructure. This will link all of us together in a new, free network.

innaloo.net is strictly non-commercial, and you wont be able to sell transit (bandwidth) over our infrastructure or make money from the network, but there are huge benefits for individuals.

Please note, innaloo.net is unsuitable for corporate intranets.

current projects / recent documents

Cheap Vert Omnidirectional - out of an old Range Extender

SouthCentral - straight outa Compton, our first WA FreeNet node

Older documents...

Jean-Michel Howland
Denver Parker
Geoff Watts
Chris Brown