technical documents
XLC: Extreme Low Cost wireless network node
Here are some photos and a description of our lowest cost node ever. Chris Brown has used an antenna built from a golden circle pineapple tin, some vinidex poly-pipe and washers, some used RG-213, and cable ties. And he's now an endnode, with a total investment of around $400.

Antenna Comparison
We took three antennas, including the infamous 18dbi Converted Galaxy and compare them to each other. We include pictures, and a graph.

Our Tower
At this stage we just have thumbnails of our tower. More details including the harrowing tale of it's construction, soon.

Elevated Airport
How we converted our three apple airports for outside use, and hoisted them up our mast for better signal output.

Long Haul
A few brief words about our 24km link test from Doubleview to Kalamunda.

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